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Users can access through the portal to different types of information and services. The portal reserves its right to amend, at any time and without prior notice the layout and settings of the information and services provided in it. The user has been informed and expressly accepts that at any time the portal may interrupt, deactivate and/or cancel any information or service. The portal will play its role to the utmost to try and guarantee the availability and accessibility of the webpage. However, occasionally, due to operations related to maintenance, updating, change of location, etc, the portal will not be accessible temporarily.

The application is not involved in the creation of those contents and/or services rendered or provided by third parties in and/or through the application, neither it does control its lawfulness. In any event, it does not offer any kind of guarantee on them. The user acknowledges that the application is not, and shall not, be responsible for the contents and/or services rendered or provided by third parties in and/or through the application. The user accepts that the application will not be held responsible before any harm or damage derived, as a consequence of the use of such information or third-party services.

The company responsible for the web will not accept any liability derived from the wrongful, inappropriate or unlawful use of the information presented in this internet webpage.

Within the limits established according to the law, the company will not accept any liability derived from the lack of truthfulness, integrity, updating and accuracy of the data or information contained in their internet webpages.

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The user shall respect, at all times, the terms and conditions established in this legal notice. Expressly, the user declares a careful use of the portal and agrees to be held responsible for any liability that may be derived from not fulfilling the regulations.

The user commits to not mispresent their identity, when requested personal data or information, by pretending to be any other person. The user will not be allowed to use the portal to carry out activities that go against the law, the moral and the public order, neither for prohibited purposes or those that may interfere with, or harm the rights of third parties. It is also prohibited the dissemination, storage and/or management of data or contents in breach of the rights of third-parties or whatsoever regulatory standard related to the rights of intellectual or industrial property.

At the same time, the user will not be allowed to use the portal to transmit, store, disseminate, promote or distribute data or content with virus content, or with any other type of computer code, file or programme designed with the aim to interrupt, destroy or harm the functioning of any software or hardware, or telecom equipment.

The user will be liable  to compensate for, and to keep the portal harmless for any liability resulting from any harm, damage, sanction, fine, penalty or compensation the portal may be requested to face.

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